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Sunday, 28 August 2016


It has taken me way longer than it should have to finish off this mobile. And, if I'd have known it would help our Oscar sleep, I sure would have finished it a lot quicker! But it was just so hard to decide on what mobile to make him. You guys, there is SO many cute mobiles out there, so much amazing inspiration. I wanted something cute, and simple, and was really drawn to clouds for some reason. Or stars? Or geometric shapes? Or mountains, or woodland creatures, or sea creatures, or, or... Sometimes I find it really hard to narrow down my inspiration and decide exactly what project I want to spend my energy on. Actually, that's not sometimes, that's all the time.

Anyway, I went through various prototypes in various materials before eventually making something I was happy with, and as a result I also have a good stash of unused felt and jersey that I'm not sure what to do with. Eventually though, I crocheted some clouds that I liked, and while searching for raindrop patterns found a cute whale one. I thus decided to scrap my cloud-and-raindrop plans, crocheted the whale instead, and decided to add a bowl of petunias and turn it into a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mobile. I reckon it goes pretty well with this banner that's also inspired by Douglas Adams and hangs on the opposite wall right by his changing table (as a bit of a reminder when we're changing the worst diapers, ha!).

To make the whale I used this pattern, and to make the clouds I used a variation of this pattern, as I wanted my clouds to not be completely uniform. The pattern for the bowl of petunias I just made up, and added a coin to the stuffing to weigh it down and balance with the whale (though you can see it's still not perfectly balanced). I then hung all the elements on an embroidery hoop, and covered the embroidery hoop with the same white yarn I used to crochet the clouds and hang the other elements with. And done!

"Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was Oh no, not again. Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the Universe than we do now."

- Douglas Adams, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Thursday, 30 June 2016


I became an aunt again last week! My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, weighing in at 3970 g and measuring 50 cm long. I'm loving that Oscar will be growing up with a cousin so close in age.

As a small gift to the little one (who has not yet been named), I decided to knit a baby blanket similar to this one I knitted for Oscar. Oscar loves being swaddled, so we've gotten tons of use for it. I think I might even knit a second one! It's such a basic knit, so it's really quick to make. Unless of course, you are constantly being interrupted by a little bub who needs your attention. If it wasn't for naps, this thing would have never been finished!

Naturally, I got Oscar to model the blanket for me. As you can see, he's currently in the middle of losing his baby hair. Hope his new hair grows back soon, as right now he's sporting a hairstyle similar to his grandpa haha. And he's been smiling tons recently, a real goofball smile, but of course all he was willing to give me today was this little smirk. Still melts my heart though! And he seemed pretty happy with the blanket, so hopefully my little nephew will be too!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I finally got some old film developed! And one of those rolls of film included these photos I took when we were in Prague last October. Our original honeymoon plans got put a bit on hold due to me getting a new job, so this was sort of a mini honeymoon for us instead. We had an awesome trip! Prague was so beautiful with all the autumn colors, and we ate so much good food. Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to try the beer as I was pregnant, so I'll definitely have to come back some time!

These photos were all shot on the Olympus OM10, using 35mm Kodak Portra 400 film. I love how crisp the colors come out, perfect to show off the contrast between those red roofs and blue skies. It's technically Graeme's camera, but I think I'll definitely be borrowing it again in the future!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Another month is over! And boy, has it been a special one. It might have started out a bit slow, but it certainly got a bit busier when our little Oscar arrived. Now he rules the household and takes up majority of our time, which means that putting together these few couple of pages took way longer than normal haha. But I'm still up to date with this album, and I'm happy with that!

Its also dawning on me that there's a good chance I won't be able to fit the whole year into this tiny album, which is a bit annoying. I've tried to keep it short for each month, but I clearly need to make more of an effort there. Also, yes, it reads "waiiing game" on the above photo spread. I ran out of t's and only realized once I'd started putting down the other letters. D'oh! So the extra "i" is really just a placeholder until i get some more t's.

And now we're already in June! We were hoping to be heading to Manchester this weekend for a friend's wedding, but unfortunately Oscar's late arrival made it a bit difficult. So instead, Graeme's parents are taking the opportunity to come visit and meet their grandson. We haven't seen them in person since Christmas, so looking forward to that! What are your plans for June?

Friday, 27 May 2016


Oh my, how time flies. Oscar is already two and a half weeks old, and he's already grown so much that he's starting to fit into the newborn sized onesies (he was far too small for them when he came home from the hospital). How did that even happen?

And so far, we seem to be adjusting well. We've had a couple of challenging nights, but for the most part he lets us sleep pretty well through the night, and spends most of his time napping. He's actually currently on my lap, napping away as I type this. Because in the time it took me to start writing this post, he's demanded that I stop everything I'm doing to change and feed him, and he's now happily snoring away. Yeah, our household basically revolves around him these days.

And since everything runs on Oscar time, I haven't had much of a chance to do anything else. Any project I started before Oscar was born has basically been put on hold. That baby mobile for his crib that I started on the day I went into labor lies unfinished, and this Christmas present I started making hasn't been touched since he got here (no, no, calm down, I wasn't being overly organized, I was just trying to keep myself busy while waiting for him to arrive). So this knitted baby beanie I'm sharing here today is actually something I knitted a good while ago, when Graeme and I were enjoying a weekend at my parents cabin. But I'm kinda glad I waited a while to post it, because, you guys, have you seen my little hat model?

I used the leftover yarn I had from this blanket to make this beanie. It's a very simple and quick hat to knit, where you start at the bottom and decrease at the top. To make, cast on 72 stitches on size 3.5 double pointed knitting needles. Knit two, purl two for about 10 rows, or until you have the rolled edge as big as you'd like it to be. Then, knit one row to make a natural fold for the rolled edge. This step isn't technically necessary, but it makes the folded edge a lot neater. Continue by knitting two and purling two as you did before, until you've knitted about 10 cm. Then, to decrease, repeat the following until the end of the row: * knit two, purl two, knit two, purl two, knit two together, purl two, knit two, purl two, knit two, purl two together *. For the next row repeat: * knit two, purl two, knit two, purl one, knit two together, purl two, knit two, purl two, knit one, purl two together * until the end of the row. Continue like this until you're just knitting and purling two and two together, and finish off by pulling the yarn through the remaining stitches. Make a bobble and attach to the top of the beanie. Place hat on baby.

Don't take too many photos of said baby in beanie though, or he'll end up making this face:

Oh, how I love that little angry face. Oscar the Grouch.

And also: after telling you all about how I have tons of unfinished projects and seemingly no time to do anything about them...guess who went out and bought yarn for a new project today?